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Glutacol diformulasikan dari kombinasi Glutathione dan Kolagen. Glutathione memiliki manfaat positif bagi lebih daripada 68 penyakit yang berbeza.

Hal ini penting dalam memberikan pertahanan dari radikal bebas, tekanan oksidatif, racun dan penyakit. Kolagen adalah anti penuaan yang kuat. Kolagen memainkan peranan penting dalam membuat kulit anda bersinar, cerah dan kulit lebih muda.


How To Shop

To further simplify your shopping transaction you should first consider this shopping process steps below:

1.Create New Account
This step is done for those who have become Members. Go to the "Register". Fill the Registration Form and follow the instructions correctly. (Please use a valid email address and a record of your passwords). Click / press the "Register" button to register a new account. After the 'Registration Success' click / press "Continue" to login.

This step is done if you have already signed up and have not login. Log in to do "Customers Login / My Account" which is available on the menu.

3.Search Products
Looking for the product you want to buy can be done through the Home page or through Products Categories.

4.Press the "Add To Cart"
If you already have a product you want to buy then click the "Add To Cart" under / beside the picture, then the product will be entered into the list of your "Shopping Cart".

5.Shopping Cart Contents
Products that have been (after click the "Add To Cart") will be included in the list "Shopping Cart". You can change an entry number of products in each field / stuffing for each of the product title in the list of "shopping cart", then click the "Update" to get the total price according to the number. You can cancel / delete the existing product in the "shopping cart" if you do not want to be buying these products by clicking the "Remove" button. If you want to find / buy other products should take from step 3 again.

6.Press the "CHECK OUT"
If you are sure the list of products to be purchased on the "shopping cart" then you can click on the "CHECK OUT" to fill a shipping address and payment method.

7.Shipping and Payment
Choose a shipping address from the existing list. You can create multiple shipping addresses with Click / Press the "Add Address". Select a delivery method, and click "Continue" button to choose how to pay for the products you buy. Click the "Continue" button to proceed to the final confirmation of your shopping order.

8.Confirmation Order
In this step, you will be asked to check the entries once again on the list of products to be purchased, the total cost and delivery information. (The total cost may not include postage). If you are sure and true then you can click on the "Confirm Order" to complete your order.

9.Pay Orders
Pay the appropriate order through a bank listed on Payment Method page.

If you need any help or have any question, please Contact Us.

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